Our Core Values

We Care Deeply.

Whether we are working with families, educators, engineers or vendors, we care about who you are, and what you do.  We empathize with your needs and strive to be a company that provides our product and service from a perspective of love and compassion.

We Pursue Excellence.

We are committed to doing our job well.  We invest in the professional and emotional development of our teams to create classes and robotics kits that we can be proud of.

We Are Determined.

Developing a for-profit tech business whose intellectual property belongs to those whom we serve is hard.  In fact, there are days, weeks and months that are overwhelming.  But we persevere because it is worth it.  We invest all that we have with the hope of a better future for our staff and our customers.

We Build And Bridge Communities.

We are not building a house for ourselves to live in, but rather looking to spread the message that we can all be builders of houses and communities.  We work to find the hidden resources in the minds, hearts and hands of those whom we serve.  We believe that everyone has something to offer.  And we seek a better world where we all know our gifts and look to share it freely with our neighbor.  And yes, we believe that this can be done through education and robotics.

We Are Free To Pursue Our Dreams.

It seems like kids dream, and adults do real-life.  We want to change that narrative.  Our company started with a dream, and the pursuit of this dream developed into purpose.  We believe that dreams are real, and that they can be good — really good, because they can lead to purpose.  We create a safe working environment where we can be free from the things that hold us back from pursuing the dreams (and maybe purposes) of our lives.