What parents, kids and teachers are saying about our program


“So grateful for Ed Li and Barnabas Robotics. To see my daughters eyes light up talking about building and programming a robot to do what she wanted was so exciting. Though art is her first passion I can see how this field will only enhance her career/passion for the 21st century. Ed and his team are incredibly discerning on how to engage and encourage the kids to become critical thinkers, to believe in themselves, opening doors in their hearts and minds to see themselves as innovators.” Kristina Brace 

“Through Edward’s passion for engineering he has opened up the world of robotics, and much more, for my grandson. Edward has the innate creative ability of bringing different facets of robotics, combining it with his passion for kids, applying it to real life, and opening up a pathway to self-discovery. In Edward’s classes he teaches so much more than robotics. He inspires dreams and opens up a world of possibilities.” – Susan Martinez


“My favorite part was having the challenge to create my own robot. It is thrilling to feel that something impossible was after all possible. Teacher Ed was a great support by letting us figure things out rather than just telling us what to do. And he was so patient when kids were not paying attention. He has a way to get them back on track. This was my 3rd class with Barnabas Robotics and I can highly recommend them” – Trinity (7th grade)

“Hello, my name is Isaiah and I’m from Buena Park, California.  I learned a lot from my awesome teacher, Coach Ed.  I learned that robotics is building, wiring and programming a robot to make it do things.  During my robotics class I learned that I was a pretty good team player.  Also, sometimes when I was learning new things, it seemed hard, but I never gave up!” – Isaiah (5th grade)


“I met Edward when he was starting the idea of Barnabas-Bots. A year later, I had the opportunity to co-teach with him for a summer program. I wish this was an experience I could have had as a child. The students learned to work together as a community exploring various facets of engineering – mechanical, electrical, hardware, and software. Persevering through multiple tedious and precise tasks of designing, assembling, and coding the robots, each student gained a better appreciation of the complexity of the electronics that surround us and a deeper understanding of their own interests in engineering. My favorite part is being able to encourage girls to be future engineers.” – Valerie Sun (Elementary School Teacher, GUSD)

“I’ve had the opportunity to partner with Barnabas Robotics on many occasions and can speak first-hand on the impact of the program.  Although, on the surface level BR is a STEM program, it is so much more. Participants learn about themselves as well as many life long lessons such as patience and perseverance while “building” their very own robot!Rick McGregor (Director at iMentor Global)

“I was very impressed with the Barnabus Robotics program and its knowledgeable, supportive and collaborative staff. This program draws from knowledge distributed across the major fields of engineering, including but not limited to computer science, mechanical engineering, rapid prototyping/3-dimensional printing, electrical engineering, control systems and human-robot/computer interaction. The students were able to learn from the above fields and apply their knowledge to build their own unique robots and their related systems through integration of the Engineering Design Process – ask, imagine, plan, create, improve. My students designed, created, analyzed and used computational systems that interacted with the physical and human environment. This allowed students to problem solve, brainstorm, design, follow a plan and personally reflect on their work through a series of trial-and-error processes. I highly recommend this program without any reservation!” – Samantha Merevick (3rd Grade – Christ The King School Los Angeles)