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Designing and Teaching For Good

All people have full access to the design of our products and curriculum.  People are free to remix and transform them for any purpose, even commercially.  See Creative Commons.

In doing so, we empower engineers, educators, kids and artists by giving them an opportunity to give back through contributing to our educational robotics projects.

The designs that come from this collaborative work make our outreach programs possible.

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Curriculum Projects

  1. Barnabas-Bot (LEVEL 1) – Ages 8-12
    1. 8-week format
      • Contributors: Edward Li, Audrey Chu, Eric Lin
    2. 16-week format
      • Contributors: Edward Li, Audrey Chu, Eric Lin
    3. Quick-Build Instructions
      • Contributors: Edward Li, Audrey Chu, Eric Lin, Ting Tseng, Vicky Lin
    4. NGSS + Common Core
      • Contributors: Valerie Sun, Monica Bennett
    5. Other Formats
      • Summer Camps
      • Inspiration Courses (45 min, 1.5 hr, 3.0 hr)
      • Contributors: Edward Li, Eric Lin, Ryan Chu
    6. Engineering Journals
      • Contributors: Edward Li, Summer Lucas
    7. Expansion Kit
      • Contributors: Eric Lin
    8. Robotics, Education & Social Justice (Professional Dev)
      • Contributors: Edward Li
    9. 6 HR Barnabas-Bot Training (Professional Dev))
      • Contributors: Edward Li
  2. Barnabas Racer (LEVEL 2) – Ages 9+
    1. 8-week format
      • Contributors: Edward Li, Eric Lin
    2. 16-week format
      • Contributors: Edward Li, Eric Lin
    3. Boyscouts Merit Badge Class
      • Contributors: Eric Lin, Ryan Chu
  3. Barnabas-Bot Junior (LEVEL 0) – Ages 5-7
    1. Art-Bot
      • Contributors: Edward Li, LA Makerspace

Hardware Projects

  1. Noggin (Arduino-based board):
    • Contributors: Edward Li, Vincent Kok
  2. Noggin Hardware Tester
    • Contributors: Eric Lin
  3. WIFI Expansion Noggin: Shield that attaches to the Barnabas Noggin to add DC motor control, WIFI connectivity and the ability to control LEGO motors.
    • Contributors: Jeffrey H., Vincent Kok
  4. Learn To Solder Board
    • Contributors: Vincent Kok

Software Projects

  1. Chromebook Compatibility
  2. iOS App
  3. Android App

Mechanical Projects

  1. Barnabas-Bot Robot Body
    1. Plastic version
      1. Contributors: Evan Woolery, Christine Su
    2. Wood version
      1. Contributors: Christine Su

Kit Projects

  1. Maze-Bot
    • Contributors: JR Marshall

Artists Projects

  1. Barnabas-Bot Storybook
    • Contributors: Calvin Leung
  2. Barnabas-Bot Packaging
    • Contributors: Ryan Chu
  3. Barnabas Website
    • Contributors: Alain Somphone, Caleb Lin
  4. Barnabas Logo
    • Contributors: Evan Woolery, Vicky Lin