Barnabas-Bot is an open-source Introduction to Robotics product + curriculum that introduces students to inventing through robotics.  Throughout the process, students are introduced to circuit building, micro-controller programming, and 3D-printing as they design, fabricate and assemble a robot of their own.  In addition to teaching electrical, mechanical and software engineering, our program also focuses on character development as students are given an opportunity exercise skills such as perseverance and teamwork – key attributes for any successful engineer.  Barnabas-Bot has been built and tested over the past three years with 8-12 year-olds, but it can be adapted for older and younger students as well.


We recognize that this course would not be where it is today without the help of others.  Thus, we have decided to give back by making it an open-source project – meaning that all people have full access to its contents and curriculum.  We do this with the aim to build a global community of kids, parents, teachers and engineers who strive to improve the quality and access of robotics education.

We hope that Barnabas-Bot is the first of many robotics education projects.  Help support our vision by buying a kit, remixing our kit, contributing ideas/curriculum, taking a class – or even teaching a class!

Together, we can build, learn, teach and inspire through robotics.