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    Hey guys I wanted to give a quick update on how things are going. So things are well. I’m still alive, still happy, the company is still around. I’m really excited because after Christmas, starting the first week of January, we’re going to be going to this ministry in Pasadena called Elizabeth House. So they’ve been around for 20 years, and their mission is to house pregnant women who are at-risk. A lot of them happen to be homeless. They take them in and strengthen, comfort, and encourage them. They do a lot of different things.

    Now what does it have to do with robotics? We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to put on robotics courses for these mothers and their kids, giving them a chance to interact together and giving us a chance for as instructors, as facilitators to connect. One of the things that I’ve talked about in the past blogs, is that building robots can actually transform lives. The way that that happens is very organic and from what I’ve seen, can be very powerful, as we go through creating the body of the robot, working on the wiring, working on the programming, working on the purpose, the functions of the robot, and just connecting that with us as humans and our purpose and our talents, our functions, our bodies, things like that.

    So today, I’m actually coming out of our first training that we put on. So our church invited us to do a training. A lot of my friends were out there. It was great! Having an opportunity to share my story, my heart, and building robots together, and putting out this very nonlinear concept of if we build robots, something positive can happen in the lives of these mothers and children. We did it for 3 hours and I think it’s the beginning of something new. There are of course things that we can tweak, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we start doing more of these. That’s just a short message. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and we will be back in the new year. We’re going to keep you posted on this ministry project. All right guys, take care.

    Thanks for watching!

    Until next time,

    Happy building, learning, teaching, and inspiring!

    -Edward Li and the Barnabas Robotics Team

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