Barnabas Bridges

We serve others by bringing a message of hope through education and technology.  We look to bridge people, communities and resources to bring our products and workshops to strengthen, comfort and encourage those who need it most.  These programs are subsidized by our corporate profits.  Our outreach programs include:

  • Robotics workshops
  • Robotics team mentoring
  • Individual mentoring

Get Involved

  • Volunteer – If you have a desire to give back through education and technology, contact us so that we can serve together!
  • Sponsor – You may also partner with us by joining us in financially sponsoring an outreach event.  Contributions are not tax-deductible.

Active Projects

Barnabas-Bot Outreach Classes

Past Projects

Barnabas-Bot Outreach Classes

DIY Robotics Outreach

FIRST Robotics Outreach

STEM Outreach

Demo/Discussion Outreach