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    Hey guys, here to give a quick update on the Elizabeth House project. So for those of you guys who don’t know, we’ve been going over there the past three weeks to teach kids robotics and character building. So, I want to share a quick story.

    Week two, we go over circuits – you’ll see a circuit up here. There’s a battery, a resistor, and a light. This is a battery to power the circuit, this is a light thing that you want to turn on, and then the resistor is the thing that makes sure not too much electricity goes into the light. Now interesting, what does this have to do with character building? With identity? With the things that are here? My friends, Brian and Steven, they led the reflection period and one of the things that they brought up was the resistor is the thing that resists electricity so that it doesn’t blow up. Now they ask the question, “is there, are there resistors in our own lives that we use when we are about to blow up, that kind of cool us down?”

    So from that, that was very interesting, you know you may be thinking now are there resistors in your lives? And that evolved into a conversation. By the end of the class, they had something like this, not exactly like this, but a bunch of wires that turned on the light. They reflected on how complex, how hard it was to get the light circuit working. We reflected on the complexity of us, and specifically of our voice. Imagine how many wires it takes that need to be aligned exactly at the right place for a voice, an audible voice, to come out of us. And then going even deeper, the fact that our voice is not the same. Everyone has a unique voice and that voice is special. We went from building a circuit to telling the kids and reminding ourselves that we are all designed in a unique way, that we have unique voices, and that our voices are special.

    Until next time,

    Happy building, learning, teaching, and inspiring!

    -Edward Li and the Barnabas Robotics Team

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