Who We Are

Barnabas Robotics is a community-driven educational resource company based in Pasadena, CA committed to providing exceptional S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) instructional services, products, and curriculum to students, parents, and educators around the world.


The name "Barnabas" (pronounced BAR-nuh-bus) means "Son of Encouragement."  Established in 2014, Barnabas Robotics began as a platform to encourage innovation in young students (grades K-12) and empower parents and teachers to teach S.T.E.M. in fun and engaging ways.  We work in collaboration with engineers, teachers, artists, parents, and business professionals in the community to co-develop educational robotics kits and curriculum, teach robotics classes, and build a library of educational resources to be openly shared with the world.  Our hope is that every child--regardless of age, gender, culture, ability, or socioeconomic circumstance--can have access to a quality education and be given the opportunity to learn, grow, and flourish.



What We Do


Buy a kit & build any of our open-source projects, or make your own!



Sign up for a class! Or find out how you can bring our classes to your home, school, or community!


Want to help with a class?  Contribute art, designs, or code?  Join our open-source community!


Hire us for S.T.E.M. consulting, product development, professional development services . . . and more!

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We teach classes throughout Greater Los Angeles. Sign up your child, or create a private robotics class in your home or organization.

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Robotics is fun and exciting to teach, but we know that it might not be easy to jump in without some support. Bring our instructional team to your school.
Professional Development
Have our professional development team come in to empower you and your fellow teachers to create quality educational robotics experiences on your own.



We started Barnabas Robotics in hopes of encouraging the world to build, learn, teach, and inspire through robotics.  Our goal is to offer accessible and relevant robotics products, curriculum, and programs that encourage innovation, promote education, and inspire creativity.  We partner with people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures who share the common goal of investing in and strengthening communities.


Become a Contributor!

Are you an educator?  Contribute to our open-source curriculum projects!


Are you an engineer?  Contribute to our open-source hardware, software, and mechanical design projects!


Are you an artist or designer?  Help us bring beauty as well as function to our educational products and programs!