Charter School Vendorships

Looking to use charter school funds?


We proudly serve students from the following charter schools:

  • Blue Ridge Academy
  • Cabrillo Point Academy
  • California Enrichment Academy
  • Compass Charter Schools
  • Epic Charter School
  • Excel Academy
  • Golden Valley Charter School
  • Gorman Learning Center
  • Granite Mountain Charter School
  • iLead Schools
  • Peak Prep Academy
  • Sage Oak Charter School
  • Sky Mountain Charter School
  • Suncoast Preparatory Academy (formerly National University Academy)


Use your charter funds in 4 easy steps:

  1. Contact us to book a custom class.
  2. Request a purchase order from your charter school made out to "Barnabas Robotics" (vendor name) for the total amount due (as provided in the class confirmation email).
  3. Email us at to let us know that a purchase order for your child's tuition in our class has been requested.  This will help us know to keep an eye for it.
  4. Once we receive your charter school’s purchase order, we’ll be able to confirm your child’s seat in the class!


Have questions? Contact us and we’ll happily walk you through the process!

Cancellation/Refund Policy


Robotics Classes:  Families should understand that their enrollment in any robotics class applies to the full length of the class (no partial enrollments or trial periods permitted).  By enrolling in a robotics class, each student is purchasing a seat in the full-length class which cannot be re-filled after the first day of class.  As a result, a student may only cancel their registration in a class with at least 24-hours notice prior to the first day of class.  After the first day of class, a student may not cancel, disenroll, nor receive any refunds or credits for any class sessions they do not attend thereafter.


Robotics Private Lessons:  Families signed up for one-on-one private lessons with a robotics instructor may cancel or reschedule any lessons with at least 24-hours notice prior to the start time of the pre-scheduled lesson.


If you have questions about the cancellation/refund policy, please contact us before you enroll!