If you can dream it,

you can build it.

Whether you're looking to learn robotics at home or teach your own robotics class, we've got what you need!

Why Purchase a Barnabas Robotics Kit?


We get it.  There are a lot of robotics kits out there.  Why should you buy ours?  Well, we put educational value, transparency, cost and support at the top of the list when it comes to designing our products.  Purchase a kit and join our community of learners and teachers.  You won't regret it!

Educational Value

Our robotics kits aren't toys.  They're educational tools co-created by a community of expert engineers, educators, and designers who genuinely care about education.  We go to great lengths to ensure our products help learners gain real-world skills to thrive in the modern tech world.


Have you ever purchased a tech product but you weren't exactly sure what you were buying?  We openly share the designs of all of our robotics kits.  We do this so that our customers know exactly what they are getting - pulling aside the curtain that often separates everyday learners from the "techies".


You don't need expensive parts to build robots.  In fact, we encourage the use of common household parts as our customers build their robot.  We can deliver high on education while not breaking the bank because of our process over product approach.


When you purchase a Barnabas Robotics kit, you aren't just buying a product.  You're buying into a stellar support community as well.  Our tech and curriculum teams are here to serve you when you get stuck.  We also provide a platform for you to learn and to be inspired by other teachers and students.





Your Robot Shopping Guide




Our kits can be used for different learning environments (Workshop, Class, or Course).  Choose the one that fits you.

Workshop: 1-30 learner(s), 0.5-1 hour
Class: 1-30 learner(s), 1-3 hours
Course: 1-30 learner(s), 8-16 hours


Our kits are grouped by age range from ages 6-13.  Contact us if you have questions about which kits best fit the learning levels of your student(s).


Now that you know your learning environment and age range, it's time to pick your product.  If you need to purchase more than a couple, contact us for bulk discounts.

Robotics Tool Kits
Ages: 6-10


The Mini Tinker is designed for kids ages 6-10 to be used as basic tools to build tinker robots.  These robots simply need motors and batteries to move!  Robot builders will use their creativity and dexterity skills to build unique bots of their own while learning about circuits and mechanical concepts.  This kit includes: motors, batteries, battery holders and a buzzer.

The Simple Robot Kit is designed as a continuation kit for the Mini Tinker Kit.  Kids ages 6-10 use these basic tools to build their first robot that is controlled by a brain! Robot builders will use their creativity and dexterity skills to build unique bots of their own while learning about circuits, mechanical concepts and simple computer control.  This kit includes: motors, batteries, battery holders and a motor controller.

Simple Robot Kit





Suitable For


Robotics Tool Kits
Ages: 10-13


Barnabas-Bot is a unique kit + curriculum where students learn about all the facets of robotics (electrical, mechanical, software).  Students will design their own robot body, assemble it, wire it and program it.  This kit is for the serious learner who wants to get a taste of what it takes to be a real robotics engineer.  The skills you gain will be worth it!  You'll need a computer for this one for the coding part.  This kit includes: electrical parts, motors, 3-D printed parts, and a motor controller.

Barnabas Bot Kit

The Barnabas Racer is a continuation project for the Barnabas-Bot.  This robot is a car that is able to think and act on its own.  Students will be review concepts from Barnabas Bot (circuits, coding, mechanical build) and will also be introduced to sensors!  This kit includes: electrical parts, continuous servo motors, a car chassis and a motor controller.

Barnabas Racer Kit





Suitable For


Full Curriculum

Full Curriculum (12-16 hrs)

Did you ever wonder how all the little electrical pieces stay together in your cell phone?  This project is for you!  Our learn to solder kit gives kids a taste of soldering (fusing metal components together on an electrical board).  This light up badge is a fun project for kids 10 and older.  Soldering iron not included.

Learn To Solder Kit





Suitable For


Full Curriculum



Robot Tools

Need some spare parts?  Purchase batteries, battery holders, motors and more here!  Are you a teacher looking for materials for the classroom?  Contact us for bulk discounts.

DC Motors

130 Vibration Motor
130 Vibration Motor + Flying Leads
130 Motor
130 Motor + Flying Leads
6V Gear Motor Dual Shaft
9g DC Motor


Servo Motors

9g Servo Motor (Standard)
9g Servo Motor (Continuous)

Battery Holders

AA (Pin-Pin)
AA (Socket-Socket)
AA (Bare Metal Leads)
AA (4 x, 6V)


Pin-to-Socket Wires
Pin-to-Pin Wires

Misc Electrical Parts

5V Passive Buzzer
1.5V Buzzer
4-Pin Buttons
2-Pin Buttons
LEDs + Pin Connectors
Barnabas-Bot Battery Pack
Barnabas-Bot Hardware Pack

Mechanical Parts

Barnabas Racer (Chassis Only)
Barnabas-Bot (Body Only)

Robot Controllers

Barnabas Noggin (Explorer)
Barnabas Noggin (Junior)
Barnabas Noggin (Hacker)
Servo Tester