We believe in investing in the next generation of teachers and engineers.  The Barnabas Innovation Group (B.I.G.) is an open-source community collaborative made up of educators, engineers, artists, designers and other professionals who desire to serve the community by developing free educational and technological resources for the public.  As a subgroup within B.I.G., our Professionals-In-Training Program is an exclusive mentorship program which offers college- and graduate-level students a unique hands-on learning experience in the fields of engineering and education.  Participants in the Program will be mentored by Barnabas Robotics partners through the process of creating open-source educational and technology content to be shared freely with educators around the world. Participants will also learn from Barnabas Robotics’ partner educators, artists and engineers how to utilize crucial innovation practices, such as design-thinking and agile development, in professional work.  Participants benefit from the Program in the following ways:

  • Free professional mentorship and skills training from engineers and teachers
  • Opportunities for professional networking
  • Resume-building/Portfolio-building 
  • Community Service opportunities

Important:  Participants in the Program are not employees of Barnabas Robotics and will not be monetarily compensated for their participation in the Program.  Participants will not be offered a job at the conclusion of the program.  

Minimum Qualification To Apply

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Completed prior coursework in the fields of electrical, mechanical, or software engineering is preferred but not required.
  • Possess strong math and science skills.
  • Possess strong written and verbal communication skills.

Time Commitment

  • Program duration: 3 months
  • Total weekly commitment: 10 hours

Educator Skills Taught

Classroom management training


Curriculum development training


Live classroom experience

Engineering Skills Taught

Software Development (C, Java, Python)


Hardware Development (Schematic Design, PCB Layout, Breadboarding, Soldering)


Mechanical Design (Computer Aided Design, Laser Cutting, 3-D Printing)

General Professional Skills Taught

Project Management




Agile Development


Human Centered Design

To apply, email your resume and cover letter to Edward Li (CEO of Barnabas Robotics) at