Home Creations


Buy a kit and build your Barnabas-Bot at home, or try any of our open-source projects!  We encourage our builders to build in community with others.  Find a parent, sibling, or friend, and build together!

ArtBot (Level 0) – Home Version

The Barnabas Robotics ArtBot kit gives young inventors an opportunity to channel their inner Picasso . . .  or else build a Picasso-robot that draws on its own!   ArtBot is a project from the Barnabas Tinker Series — a program specially designed to introduce elementary-aged students to robotics and key engineering principles, such as circuit-building, mechanical design, and industrial design.  The ArtBot Kit includes enough supplies to build 10 ArtBot robots with your child…or with an entire class/cohort.  Add your own arts and crafts materials embellishments to make your each robot truly one-of-a-kind.

ArtBot Home Version Instructions

Barnabas-Bot (Level 1) – Home Version

Take an inspiration journey into the world of robotics by putting Barnabas-Bot together.  Do it as a science project, or just for fun!

Barnabas-Bot Home Version Instructions

Young Inventor’s Kit (Level 1.5) – Home Version

Barnabas Racer (Level 2) – Home Version

Home version instructions are coming soon.  Check out our full length curriculum for now!

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