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We provide classes for those who are looking to  learn  robotics and resources to empower those who want to  teach  robotics.

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All of our curriculum is open-source (and free!).  Recycle our curriculum, and contribute your ideas so that others can benefit!

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Why Robotics?


Robotics is a cross-disciplinary field in which electrical, mechanical, and software engineering concepts are applied to create a moving system (or a "robot").

When designing a robot, you need to know how to power it (electrical engineering), how to physically move it (mechanical engineering), and how to tell it what to do (software engineering).

Because robotics is a marriage of three engineering disciplines, it is an effective tool for teaching S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to students of all ages.



What We Teach


Our robotics curriculum fosters academic and emotional growth in young students while guiding them through the process of designing, fabricating, assembling, and programming one-of-a-kind robots.  We strive to teach real-world innovation skills and character-building to students as young as 5 years old, including:


Technical Skills

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Software Programming
Industrial Design

Career Skills

Critical Thinking


Current Courses




Level 0 - Barnabas Tinker Series

  • For Ages:  5-10



Level 1 - Introduction to Robotics

  • For Ages:  8 and Up



Level 2 - Intermediate Robotics

  • For Ages:  12 & Up (or Upon Completion of Level 1)



Level 3 - Introduction to Python Programming & Raspberry Pi

  • For Ages:  13 & Up (or Upon Completion of Level 2)



Young Inventors Series - Diving Into Hardware

  • For Ages:  9 & Up (or Upon Completion of Levels 1  or 2)




Custom Robotics Lessons

  • For Ages:  5 -18