Open-Source Curriculum


Take a detailed journey into the world of robotics.  This is a great resource for any educator who wants to use our robotics projects in a classroom setting.  You and your students will learn robotics theory and experience hands-on building through this curriculum.


Barnabas Tinker Series

Introduction To Robotics

Topics Covered: Circuits, Art, Mechanics

Ages: 5-10



Introduction To Robotics

Topics Covered: Circuits, Computer Aided Design, Industrial Design, Coding, Arduino

Ages: 8-17


Barnabas Racer

Intermediate Robotics

Topics Covered: Circuits, Coding, Arduino, Sensors

Ages: 8-17


Build Your Own Adventure Game

Introduction to Raspberry PI

Topics Covered: Circuits, Coding, Raspberry PI, Python Coding

Ages: 9-17


Diving Into Hardware

Young Inventor's Series

Topics Covered: Circuits, Coding

Ages: 9-17


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