Notice to Barnabas Robotics Class Visitors

Parents of current or prospective students may quietly observe a Barnabas Robotics class if they can comply with our Classroom Visitation Policy:

    • No class disruptions.  Visitors (and their cell phones) must remain quiet at all times while our class is in session.  If you’d like to ask our instructor a question, please wait until after class or contact us via email/phone below. 
    • No class participation.  Lectures, class activities, and materials are reserved for our enrolled students who have pre-paid to participate in our classes.  We don’t offer free trials of any of our classes.  
    • Remain in back of classroom.  For the safety and security of our students, we ask that visitors remain in the back of the classroom unless otherwise authorized by a Barnabas Robotics instructor.
    • No food in class.  Food is not allowed in our classrooms due to facility maintenance rules and allergy concerns.



Have a question?  Email us at or call us at (626) 344-9230.