Critter Bot Barnabas Robotics

The Critter Bot 8-Pack is perfect for any kid age 6-10 who wants to build their very first robot. Robot builders will use their creativity and dexterity skills to build unique critters that will move on their own. This kit contains enough parts for 8 robots. Have a robot party with friends or build a robot family!

Critter Bot Kit (8-Pack)





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Instruction Booklet

Full Curriculum
Extra Activities

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Instruction Booklet

STEM Videos

Additional Activities

Additional Robot Tools

Need some spare parts?  Purchase batteries, battery holders, motors and more here!  Are you a teacher looking for materials for the classroom?  Contact us for bulk discounts.

DC Motors

130 Vibration Motor
130 Vibration Motor + Flying Leads
130 Motor
130 Motor + Flying Leads
6V Gear Motor Dual Shaft
9g DC Motor


Servo Motors

9g Servo Motor (Standard)
9g Servo Motor (Continuous)

Battery Holders

AA (Pin-Pin)
AA (Socket-Socket)
AA (Bare Metal Leads)
AA (4 x, 6V)


Pin-to-Socket Wires
Pin-to-Pin Wires

Misc Electrical Parts

5V Passive Buzzer
1.5V Buzzer
4-Pin Buttons
2-Pin Buttons
LEDs + Pin Connectors
Barnabas-Bot Battery Pack
Barnabas-Bot Hardware Pack

Mechanical Parts

Barnabas Racer (Chassis Only)
Barnabas-Bot (Body Only)

Robot Controllers

Barnabas Noggin (Explorer)
Barnabas Noggin (Junior)
Barnabas Noggin (Hacker)
Servo Tester