We develop courses that teach real-world innovation skills to youth at a fair price.  All of our courses are project-based so that youth can learn through hands-on building.  These paid programs help sustain our social venture as we encourage the world to build, learn, teach and inspire through robotics.   Profit from these classes make our outreach programs possible.  Our classes teach:

Technical Skills Life Skills
Electrical Engineering Communication
Mechanical Engineering Critical Thinking
Software Engineering Creativity
Industrial Design Collaboration



Level 0 – Barnabas Tinker Series

Ages:  5-10

Prerequisites:  None

Class Description:  Introduce robotics to your young inventor!  This new course takes students on 60-minute robotics adventures, during which they will learn key engineering principles as they build little robots of their own.  Each class session will be devoted to an independent project designed especially for  elementary school students.  

Sample projects include:  Critter-Bot, Build Your Own Electric Fan, Scribble-Bot, Arcade-Bot, & more!


Lions and tigers and bears!  Oh my!  Our young inventors will learn to design and create their own dancing critter robots using a toothbrush, craft materials, batteries, and a mini-vibration motor.


FAN-tastic Robot”                             

Stay cool this summer!  Our young inventors will build their own functional fan using wood, paper, batteries, and DC motors.




Find your inner Picasso . . . or build a Picasso robot!  Our young inventors will build a robot that draws using craft materials, cups, markers, batteries, and a large vibration motor.




Move over Pac-Man!  Our young inventors will design and construct their first mechanical arcade game using craft materials, servo motors, and servo-controllers.


Level 1 – Introduction To Robotics [Barnabas-Bot]

Ages:  8-12

Prerequisites:  None

Class Description:  This Introduction to Robotics class provides an opportunity for young students to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in a fun and engaging manner.  Students will be introduced to circuit building, micro-controller programming, and 3D-printing as they build a fully-functioning robot of their own.  Every robot will be different, as your child designs his/her own robot’s appearance and behavior.  Best of all, everyone gets to keep their completed robot at the end of the class.  Our class concludes with a robot showcase where parents are invited to see their kids present their completed projects.  Students will also practice writing and communication skills through daily journaling and interactive group activities throughout the course.

Level 1 Class Video

Learn more about the vision behind Barnabas-Bot


Level 2 – Intermediate Robotics [Barnabas-Racer]

Ages:  8 and up

Prerequisites:  Completion of Level 1 – Introduction to Robotics

Class Description:  This course is a continuation of the Level 1 – Introduction to Robotics course.  Students will be introduced to the world of sensors and DC motors.  These new tools will allow them to create a robot that moves and thinks on its own.  As with all of our classes, students will be able to take their robot home at the end of the course.  


Level 3 – Introduction to Python Programming

Ages:  9 and up

Prerequisites:  Level 1 and Level 2 (or ages 12+)

Class Description:  This course is a continuation of our Level 2 – Intermediate Robotics course.  In this class, students will begin to explore text-based programming (Python) and continue to dive into the world of sensors.  As with all of our classes, students will be able to take their robot home at the end of the course.  


We are now accepting charter funds from the following schools:

  • California Enrichment Academy
  • Compass Charter Schools
  • Excel Academy
  • Golden Valley (*)
  • Gorman (*)
  • iLead (*)
  • Inspire
  • Sage Oak
  • Sky Mountain (**)
  • Summit Academy
  • Valiant Academy

(*) Vendor name will be listed under “Home School Coaches.”

(**) Vendor name will be listed under “Abby Zabby LLC.”

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